October 20, 2016

Candlelight Vigil #WeAreOrlando

Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of those victims and survivors of violence in the terrorist attack on the LGBT community in Orlando. We will never forget! #WeAreOrlando

Please hold in your hearts the memory of those who lost their lives in Orlando. Do not let the sacrifice they were forced to make be in vain. Allow it to work as a force that reminds us all of the value of a short and precious life. Allow their memories to remind us of the importance of change! Change for the betterment of ALL human beings. Not just the LGBTQA community but any American citizen who is bullied or threatened because they are different.  Gandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is time for us, all of us, to be that change. Stop the hate. Stop the violence. Speak up for those who are unable to. When you hear others being put down speak up and defend them! For some of us, all we have is a voice. Use that voice. Use your voice to stand for what is right in defense of a human life. Show affection… Show love… Give back… Be the change…. Remember love conquers all.

Photos from Candlelight Vigil by Soaring Sky LLC – SoaringSky.net












Special “THANK YOU’s” to everyone who helped make the Vigil possible:

Target, One Blood, Soaring Sky, FMPD and Lee County Sheriffs Office, Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki along with Lee County Commissioner Mann, Beasley Media Group / B1039, Kelly Neff, Tropical Storm, SWFL Gay and Lesbian Chorus, Lab Theater , World of Beer – Bell Tower, Pink Heals Southwest Florida Chapter, Be Proud SWFL, Lamar Advertising Company of Fort Myers, The James Warren Team @ Royal Shell Real Estate,  Arlene and Sue with Remax Trend, Publix, Reverend Allison Farnum from UUCFM, Pastor Steve Filizzi from Saint John Apostle MCC, Barry University, Visuality,  Volunteer and Advocacy Coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida,  LGBT Community Fund of SWFL, Brent’s Music, NAMI, ACT, Hope Hospice, Lee County Government and United Way.