August 11, 2016

Become a Member

We invite you to become a member of Pride SWFL. The benefits of membership continue to grow.

For only $15 per year (just over $1 a month!), Pride SWFL members enjoy discounts from merchants throughout the area with Partners with Pride.  Membership is good for one (1) calendar year. In addition, by joining Pride SWFL, you are entitled to one (1) vote at the Annual Meeting as well as supporting an organization that works hard in our community and brings you the annual Pride SWFL celebration.  To join Pride SWFL, click the Paypal button below. Annual membership is just $15.00 for individuals and $25.00 for businesses.


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Q: Why should I become a member?
A: Pride-SWFL, Inc. is the host of The SWFL Pride Festival. Pride-SWFL, Inc. is a community-driven and 100% volunteer-based organization. As such, we rely on people like YOU, to help keep the festival going year to year. From supplies, security, field rental, to event insurance, it takes money to provide quality events, education and outreach programs in our community. Your membership fees, support from our sponsors and the hundreds of hours donated by volunteers each year make YOUR SWFL PRIDE possible.

Q: What benefits would I receive as a member?
A: Pride-SWFL, Inc. Membership is affordable and supports a great cause. Not only that, membership has its advantages! As a member, you have the right to vote at Annual General Meeting of Pride-SWFL, Inc., and have your voice heard on matters involving the community and the direction of the organization.

Memberships are good for one calendar year and all members in good standing may vote at Annual General Meetings and join committees. Members are also offered a number of opportunities to contribute and be recognized in supporting our work:
* One vote at the Annual General Pride-SWFL, Inc. meeting
* Run for a position on the Board of Directors
* Receive member newsletters and notice of the Annual General Meeting

* Partners with Pride is a incentive program that is offered from Pride-SWFL, Inc.. Through our Partner with Pride Program, supportive businesses offer an exclusive discount/incentive to current Pride-SWFL members.

Q: How can I sign up to be a member?
A: Send in the Membership Application Form along with your $15 Membership Fee. (You can download the PDF of the Membership Application Form below.)